LaFayette continues to cite land owners

Published 3:55 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019

LaFAYETTE — The LaFayette City Council continues to attempt to clean up parts of the city through code enforcement action against property owners.

On Monday night, the council gave notice to six property owners that they have 30 days to clean up overgrown weeds on their property before the city takes action.

Code Enforcement Officer Rodney Arwood said on some of the properties, the grass and weeds were waist to head high. If the property owners fail to act, the city could fine the property owners and place a lien against their land.

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The council also discussed hiring an animal control officer. Councilman Michael Ellis said the position needs to have specific training that goes beyond just picking up stray animals. He said the officer would make sure pets have the correct shots and that pet owners are keeping their cats and dogs in safe situations.

“This would mean somebody would go out and verify people are doing what they are supposed to be doing within the state law,” he said.

Mayor Barry Moody said an animal control officer has been a topic of conversation within city hall, and he will work with Arwood to determine the number of hours it would take to cover the position.

Ellis said in Valley, residents have to register their pets. Otherwise, they could risk citations from the city.

“We need to step it up a little bit, not only in picking up stray dogs and cats but making sure if they are going have pets, making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do in caring for their pets,” he said.

Moody said the city will move forward with advertising the position but clarified it’s crucial the city clearly defines the duties of the job, so it is clear what is expected of all parties.

Moody also asked the council to come up with a passion project that each council member would like to focus on moving forward. He said there are several projects the city will soon launch, including moving into the new city hall and expanding a city park. Additionally, he said downtown beautification projects could be forthcoming.

“If each council member would take on ownership of a particular project, [we could] try and run four or five projects at the same time,” he said.