Single parents deserve respect

Published 3:27 pm Monday, June 10, 2019

Raising one child with two parents is hard. Raising multiple children with two parents is even harder, but it does not compare to raising children as a single parent.

We’re not taking anything away from the thousands of capable parents in the Greater Valley Area or across the rest of the world, but the job that single mothers and fathers do every day is nothing short of a miracle.

We recently wrote about one special mother in Valley who takes the incredibly difficult job of raising children on her own to the next level.

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Angela Robinson moved to the area about 15 years ago from Huntsville with her two sons. She had accepted a job as a fourth-grade teacher at W.O. Lance Elementary School, where she still teaches today. She moved to the area to start a new career and new a life for her and her children, but something was still missing in her life — a daughter.

Robinson decided to do something selfless and took classes to become certified to adopt or foster children. Eventually, she ended up with more than she thought, taking in a sibling group of four children — three boys and one girl.

Robinson had her daughter and so much more as she more than doubled her family’s size overnight. After two years, she adopted those four children.

Throughout the years, Robinson added on to her home and took in more children that needed a place to go. She said there have been about 10 foster children to come in and out of the home, some staying a few weeks and some staying a few months. She said she can never tell a child no if she believes she can help.

In April, she adopted a second set of four siblings, this time three girls and one boy, giving her 10 total children.

She also isn’t done, adding that she will continue to take children into her home if she is able.

“I’ll just continue to add on or I’ll have to say no,” she said. “But that is going to break my heart if I have to say no.”

All 10 of Robinson’s children are different ages and races, and we’re sure all of them have different interests, hobbies, good habits and bad habits. If you’ve ever taken one child out to the store or to a restaurant, then you know just how difficult it would be to raise 10 children. Some of us are parents in this office, and trust us, just getting a child up and ready for the day can be a small victory. Multiplying that by 10 just makes our head hurt.

However, that’s why Robinson’s story is so inspiring. She’s been willing to expand her family, taking in children who needed a loving home. She’s also doing it as a single parent, which is amazing.   

We tip our cap to you, Angela Robinson, and we hope you continue to help others in the future. We also hope your story inspires others to help in a similar fashion.