Valley residents to start litter program

Published 3:56 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019

VALLEY — On Monday, the Valley City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of a city resident’s litter reduction plan.

Several weeks ago, David Bell approached the council with an idea he called the neighborhood pride litter reduction program.

“The actions of the voluntary members of this program will serve a public purpose by reducing the litter problem and enhancing the appearance of the city,” the resolution reads. “The city appreciates the efforts of these individuals.”

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The resolution permits the mayor to furnish members of the program with trash bags for use in picking up and disposing litter and reflective vests to wear when being out along city streets collecting litter.

Bell thanked the council for its support and gave a progress report on the program’s start.

“We’re trying to form the committees in neighborhoods they will be responsible for,” he said. “The committees will be cleaning up on a regular schedule while looking for litter violators and reporting them. For this program to work long-term, there will have to be a deterrent. If potential litterers driving through a neighborhood know that people who live there may be looking for this, they will think twice before throwing trash from their car.”

Bell is optimistic this anti-litter program can make a difference.

“I think we’ll see a difference in the way the city looks,” he said. “This comes down to a matter of community pride. We’d like for the city to erect small signs at the entrance of each neighborhood stating that the area is participating in the program. We’d also like for each committee to send monthly activity reports to city hall.”