It’s been a bad week for the left

Published 5:33 pm Tuesday, July 30, 2019

By Jimmy Terrell
LaGrange native and former Georgia law officer

You could see it coming! Their faces on television and the media told the story and left little doubt all week long.

They were doomed with Robert Mueller’s testimony yet they had to have something to reignite the attack, not so much on the Republican Party, but on Trump.

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The week was built on hope and in the end, it never materialized. Mainly, because there was nothing there.

Mueller’s performance was pitiful. He failed to appear as a professional Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent testifying and was obviously uncomfortable in the chair.

At times, he appeared confused. It was a sad performance at the end of a very good career.

If there was any Russian collusion, it was on the part of Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department, the party of Barack Obama and the leftist national media.

The only thing for the Democrats to yell right now is that the Russians are still trying to interfere with U.S. elections. Of course, they are. They’ve been doing it for years and they aren’t about to stop.

The United States, and numerous other countries, especially first-tier countries, have been meddling in other national elections for years. Nothing new there at all.

The U.S Department of Justice now has an opportunity to really do something about the collusion.

There is plenty of evidence to pursue against both the Democratic Party and the Russians. Unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect too much to come of it.

But back to the week the Dems hoped it would be but wasn’t. What’s next?

First, we can expect the left to ramp up attacks and insults on the Justice Department and especially Attorney General William Barr and David Horowitz. If the left wasn’t sleeping very well worrying about Trump, they certainly should be wary of the fact that AG Barr and Horowitz may be coming after them.

The left, along with the Department of Justice, committed a cardinal sin in pursuing a non-violent coup against our government and someone needs to pay a heavy price. A thorough investigation could very well take the issue back into the former President’s administration.

It will most certainly involve the FBI, the CIA and the National Security Agency.

Next, we will probably see infighting among the Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to have to work harder than she ever imagined managing the House.

Adding to last week’s woes, the Speaker was challenged on violating House Rules on making inappropriate comments during a House session. Even though she was guilty, she was “saved” by a House vote 232-190 to override the rules of the House. It was a typical leftist tactic, change the rules to manage the problem.

And don’t forget, it wasn’t just the Mueller hearing that slapped the Democrats last week.

The United States Supreme Court also threw a right punch saying that the President had the authority to used military funds to help build the wall on the southern border.

For two years now, the Democrats have argued there was no problem at the border. They’ve blamed the Republicans for non-existent issues at the border and have openly supported giving illegal aliens the same rights as American citizens.

The court’s ruling last week, even though by a 5-4 vote, will now give Republicans something to work with.

The opinion writers for the left have jumped into action with hopes of righting (no pun intended) the left’s ship that appears to be taking on water.

I don’t believe the Democratic Party based on the current candidates and announced platforms can deliver or plan to deliver on any of those needs. Nor do I believe Trump’s followers are ready to change.

It’s time for the Republicans to get their act together and save the Union.