Online registration working for TCSS

Published 1:50 pm Friday, July 19, 2019

A majority of Troup County School System students are already registered for the upcoming school year, thanks to the system’s new online registration system.

Yolanda Stephen, TCSS’ Public Relations Director, presented numbers to the board on Monday showing the impact of online registration. As of July 11, 54.2 percent of students were registered for the upcoming school year. In July 2018, no students were registered at this time, a typical occurrence under the old pen and paper system.

Stephen said the online registration process saves time and is more efficient, reduces paperwork, promotes the use of new technology and increases accurate information and records.

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“We’ve taken that system of paper and pencil and put it online, where all our parents need is wifi,” Stephen said.

“If they have a cell phone and they are sitting at McDonalds or sitting at Starbucks, they can register their children online. We are providing it in a way that is accessible.”

The process to implement online registration actually started two years ago when the school system formed a committee comprised of Assistant Superintendent John Radcliffe, Director of Transportation Jeff Turner, Coordinator of Office of Student Assignment Shanitra Ransom and Student Records Coordinator Sherika McCutcheon to study the issue.

“They started based on research. They went to the Griffin-Spalding School System,” Stephen said. “They also spoke to the Atlanta School System and the Dekalb County School System to see how their processes were working before bringing it to Troup County.”

Stephen said parents have asked for years about why registration wasn’t available online.

“We heard them … and we provided that,” Stephen said.

Having students register earlier helps the system identify staffing needs and create bus routes as well, so Stephen is encouraging everyone to go ahead and register rather than waiting until the last minute.

“The blessing of online registration is also a little bit of a curse,” Stephen said.

“[Parents have] heard it’s quick and easy and it’s online, and they’ve heard other individuals talk about that. They feel like they can wait until the last minute, but we want to encourage everyone to do it now.”