Our View: Best of luck getting back in business

Published 4:17 pm Monday, July 15, 2019

Starting a business at any time is tough. It requires several hours away from family, a strong work ethic and a desire to be successful.

On Friday, Whit’s Chic reopened its doors after several years of being away — at least under the name Whit’s Chic. Whit Bradley, the son of the original “Whit” in Whit’s Chic has reopened the business in the former location of Sue’s Chic in Fairfax.

The business started in West Point in the late 1970s, where Chic Delight currently stands, and has undergone a few name changes and business owners. But now, it’s back in the Bradley family.

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“I just wanted to bring it back, and we didn’t want this building to sit here,” Bradley said. “This place is part of the community. There isn’t anywhere else on this end of town to sit down and eat.”

Walking into Whit’s, there are antiques scattered across the walls, wood tables and chairs and old photos of Fairfax. The family affair continues when customers place their order as Bradley’s sister and wife kindly take the order and send it to the back. Customers then take a seat and wait for their fried chicken, hot dog or hamburger to come out fresh to their seat. It’s a simple set up, but yet the beauty of Whit’s Chic is in its simplicity. It’s a small, family-style restaurant where residents and Fairfax, and all of the Greater Valley Area, can grab a meal and talk to their fellow resident at the same time.

We wish Whit’s Chic the best of luck in this go around, and hope it’s a successful run.