Our View: Let common sense lead the way

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, July 25, 2019

Discussion at Monday’s Valley City Council meeting centered around a dispute between two neighbors, who have disagreed over whether gunfire should be allowed in the city limits.

Michael Boyd argued that his neighbor, Maxon Hartley, has fired guns at a large stump on his property. Boyd, who said he loves guns personally, is arguing for gun control within the city, especially residential areas.

Hartley argued that he’s an expert marksman and always aims away from heavily populated areas toward the cleared-off Shawmut Mill site behind his property.

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Boyd argued that some of the bullets have gone right through the stump and come out the other side.

The two men both stated their case, and we’re not in the business of getting in the middle of a dispute between two private citizens.

However, this debate does bring up a larger, overall point. Should gunfire be allowed within the city limits of Valley?

We think through a little common sense is needed here. No, there is no reason why anyone should be firing weapons in the city limits. It just isn’t safe or worth the risk. 

Mayor Leonard Riley made a good point when he brought up the fact that Valley is a city largely made up of four historic mill villages. Houses are close together.

There’s always people and activity going on in close quarters. This is not a good situation for anyone to be target practicing.

There are plenty of remote places where a gun can be fired safely, where there’s no chance of anyone being hurt.

There are plenty of places where a gun owner can fire his or her weapons.

Just don’t do it in the middle of town.