Remember to think about pets during the holiday

Published 5:00 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

LANETT — While several residents in the Greater Valley Area begin preparations to celebrate Independence Day, it’s important to keep pets in mind during the loud holiday.

Paws Humane Society of Columbus, Georgia, is reminding pet owners to keep their animals in mind during the holiday as the number of lost pets increases during this time of year.

Paws said festivities around the holiday often include fireworks and lots of commotion, which can be stressful to pets or result in them getting lost.

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“Although Fourth of July traditions can be fun for people, these festivities can be frightening and even dangerous to our beloved pets,” said Courtney Pierce, Director of Adoptions and Admissions in a news release. “Whether you are planning to stay home or go out to celebrate, it’s important to take precautions to keep your pets safe during Fourth of July celebrations.”

The Human Society of the United States has recommended the following tips for pets while celebrating the holiday.

4   Leave pets at home and inside. Fireworks can be terrifying to pets, even pets who are accustomed to being around crowds and commotion.

4   Create a home sanctuary. Leave a pet in an area of the home where he or she is safe, comfortable and sheltered from any outside noise and lights. An interior room without immediate access to the outside is preferred. Playing a radio with relaxing music may help mask the sound of fireworks.

4   Pet-proof the home. When scared, some animals may become destructive, so be sure to remove anything from reach that can become damaged or may harm the pet if chewed or eaten.

4    Identification is essential. Pets may panic, escape and become lost. Updated identification is critical to ensuring lost pets are reunited with their families. Ideal identification is both a tag and a microchip.

4   Consult a veterinarian for pets with anxiety. Consult a veterinarian before the Fourth of July to seek out remedies to lower a pet’s stress level if this is a known issue.

If a pet is lost, visit for tips of what to do.