Shumate sworn in as TCSS Superintendent

Published 3:50 pm Thursday, July 4, 2019

By Jenna Oden

After two full days on the job, Dr. Brian Shumate, Superintendent of the Troup County School System has been sworn in, shook countless hands and has set goals for the year.

Shumate said having his wife, Dana in attendance as he took the oath into office made it an even more special occasion on Monday morning.

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“She’s certainly a partner in all of this and was a lifelong educator,” Shumate said. “It is a very formal deal, and I was glad she was able to experience it.”

Shumate said his first full day was good and everyone has been welcoming and helpful.

“I have been studying this district for six months and have had a lot of phone conferences and meetings with the cabinet,” Shumate said. “I kind of knew what I was walking into. The day was great.”

A meet and greet was held on Monday morning with the district staff where Shumate was able meet with principals and educators of the school system.

“I met and shook around 40 hands on Monday,” Shumate said. “We had meetings with cabinet members and had a good long day. I’ve been getting settled in.”

Shumate said it will most likely take a few months to adjust and learn the district and the community.

Shumate, who is originally from Kentucky, moved to Troup County for the superintendent position from Oregon.

“It is a little different, obviously,” Shumate said. “Every part of the country has its own nuances and the way they do things, but we are very happy to be here. It takes time, but the people here have been very gracious and welcoming.”

Shumate has honed in on three main goals he has for the school system and the students.

“I want to be out in the community with the people and understand what their desires are for the school district,” Shumate said. “I want to meet all the people who have a stake in this district.”

Another goal will be doing internal analysis of the functioning of the district.

“I have some experience as a superintendent,” Shumate said. “Where things are really good, we will leave them alone, but where things need improvement, we will work on that. I’m going to really assess internally the district.”

Shumate said his third goal is focusing on how the school system can create opportunities for every child in the district.

“That is my big thing,” Shumate said. “Every time a kid comes in the door, we should have a place to serve them and their families.”

The three-part goal of  improving external and  internal systems and how students consume the school system is something Shumate said he wants to accomplish. but said he knows it will take time.

“We want to meet the needs of these kids,” Shumate said.