West Point officers join basketball game with area children

Published 4:49 pm Monday, July 15, 2019

By Devin McGloin

A heartwarming video of two officers with the West Point Police Department playing basketball with children in the surrounding community surfaced on social media Saturday.

Telvin Hodo, the manager of the non-profit organization Kind Intelligent Noble Gentlemen, was the man behind the video.

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“When the police officers first came up, I thought they were there just to ask questions about some things going on in the community,” Hodo said. “However, they actually just wanted to play basketball.”

Officers Cedarious Thomas and Jayson Perez decided to stop and play basketball with kids from the community.

“When they told me what they were there for, I told the kids to put together teams and start playing,” Hodo said.

The children regularly play basketball at Hodo’s grandmother’s home. Hodo is usually a participant on the court but decided to let the officers take a few shots instead.

“This basketball game showed how committed the officers are to creating a positive relationship with people in our community,” Hodo said. “They want to be out in the community interacting with everyone.”

West Point Lt. Roman Ramseur said the video showed how important it is for the police to make a connection with the community, and even more so, the youth.

“Our youth is important. They are the future,” Ramseur said. “We really desire to be a part of the community in every way possible.”

He said the police department not only desires to keep the community safe but bring everyone together.

Hodo said he felt the interaction with the police touched the kids’ lives more than the officer could imagine.

“The kids startled at first sight of them on the court, but soon began to really enjoy their competitive basketball game,” Hodo said.