Coalition registers voters in West Point

Published 6:02 pm Friday, August 2, 2019

WEST POINT — Volunteers were at the West Point Housing Authority Friday afternoon attempting to get residents registered to vote.

Those volunteers were with the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta.

Helen Butler, the coalition’s executive director, said Joseph Lowery founded the organization, which focuses on civic engagement work, educating residents about voting, registering them to vote, and mobilizing them to participate by providing rides to polls on election day.

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“We don’t care who you vote for, but exercise your right to do so,” Butler said. “That is how democracy is furthered.”

Butler said the coalition also stations volunteers at the polls to assist voters through the process. And although the coalition doesn’t endorse candidates or parties, it does provide information about the voting process.

“Our mission is best served by an informed, concerned electorate,” the mission statement reads. “To this end, we have put into place a Citizenship Education program with students and adults alike. This program is designed to empower the overall electorate and is made available to anyone desirous of making a positive difference for our future.”

At the housing authority, volunteer Diana Cofield said those who register to vote will most likely be registered voters in 10 days. She said prospective voters fill out the application and the coalition will inspect it to make sure it is legible before sending it to the county office.

The voter’s county office will then send it to the state, and if something is wrong, the state will send the application back to the county. Then, the county is responsible for reaching the applicant.

Cofield said all applications are secured in a lockbox after they are filled out and turned into the county office the next business day.  

She said the coalition will be registering residents to vote once again at about 10 a.m. on Monday at the housing authority. Additionally, volunteers will be in LaGrange at about 10 a.m. at Citi Trends, located at 127 Commerce Ave.