How to change the color of your spirit

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2019

By Lynn Gendusa
Former Troup County resident living in Roswell

If you are reading this and feeling a bit blah, or blue, or the heat has you wishing for a snowstorm, take heart; I have a solution. Buy a bucket of paint.   Yes, you read that correctly. Paint.

Every now and then in life, we need the simplest of lifts, like I did this summer.  My face was looking well worn along with my clothes, body, and wearying attitude. Usually, when the blues set in, I write, share, and exercise my way out of it, but this time I was lifted by paint.

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Have you ever put off doing something because it was going to be a pain in your well worn you know what to accomplish an almost impossible task? We all know we will feel better once we have finally finished the hard work, yet we still will procrastinate getting it done. You would think we would learn, right?

I encounter folks on many days who share with me their lack of enthusiasm or spirit. They have lost their smiles and are out of sorts. When we experience those feelings, perhaps we need to change the color of our lives. Maybe we need a change of scenery or alter our perspective. Even though change is difficult, requires work, and a few thousand prayers; once we put in the effort, our spirit is again soaring.

We all use excuses to not improve our circumstances. I have no idea why, but for some reason, many of us get trapped in a room with dingy walls where the blues set in and collect dust. And the only way out is to get up, do a few jumping jacks, grab a broom and sweep the excuses away.

Our lives are our responsibility. As much as I would like someone to do all the work, God will not let me hire anyone to take over. He gave me this life to master, to continually work on, and the ability to overcome adversity. It was my responsibility when I was diagnosed with depression at an early age to acquire the help needed to live my best life. It was my challenge to find the right paint to change my color from dark to light.     

No matter what age we are, there is no excuse not to improve ourselves. From the very young to the very old, we find many people who inspire us with their bravery and fortitude. How many of the famous and infamous took responsibility to change the course of their lives to achieve greatness? They are the inspirers who remind us to color our lives in shades of courage, enthusiasm, and hope every day that we exist.     

Are you still feeling blue? Look around your excuses, mess, and dusty blinds and notice that God is holding a bucket of paint and a broom. Ask him to help you change the color of your spirit and then watch it soar.