OUR VIEW: Rodeo will benefit first responders

Published 11:30 am Friday, September 27, 2019

First responders are trained to put others before themselves. They jump into a police car, ambulance or fire truck and rush to a scene, often with little details on what lies ahead.

They run into burning buildings, shooting scenes and provide aid to victims of all walks of life. In just a few minutes, they can go from writing a speeding ticket to working a horrific crash.

But what about when a first responder finds themselves faced with a moment of crisis, whether in their personal life or professionally?

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A rodeo coming to West Point in October will help our local heroes overcome those types of situations, as it will raise money for first responders dealing with a crisis situation. Bubba Oubre, a long-time rodeo professional, is bringing the event to Troup County and starting a fund called the First Responders’ Crisis Fund, which will be used to help a first responder overcome an adverse moment.

An example is the Labor Day fire last year, where four LaGrange firefighters were hospitalized for weeks. It was a difficult time for their families who spent a lot of time out of town at burn centers.

The LaGrange and Troup County community came together to raise money for those men in several ways in a true showing of love and respect, but this fund would allow for immediate assistance in the case of emergency.

We appreciate Oubre and others who came together to form this idea. One day it’s likely to help a local first responder and their families get back on their feet.