Williams: Excited to work for the Valley Times

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, September 28, 2019

Today’s my first day at the paper, and I’ve been asked to introduce myself.

I told our designer, “I don’t know what to say about myself. Could you interview me, and we’ll just see what comes out?” She declined.

I guess I’ll tell you I’m from Carrollton.

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As a kid, I remember passing over the biggest lake I’d ever seen, on our way to the West Point Outlet. Yes, linen shopping. As a child. I couldn’t understand why we weren’t going to the lake.

Years later, I started college at the University of West Georgia, and our group of friends spent time on the weekends going to each other’s hometowns. One was a die-hard Granger, who brought us here and insisted we learn all things “Who Dat?” It was intense.

At the same time, one of my high school friends was in college at LaGrange College. She showed me and another friend around town, filling us in on the mysteries and drama of sorority life.

These are my scattered memories of this beautiful place where I’m moving. I’ve moved and traveled a lot, writing mostly for non-profits and getting to spend time in places like Canada, Mexico, California and the Pacific Northwest. I once took a 30-day train trip, visiting friends all over Canada and the U.S.

Non-profit life didn’t offer money, but it had perks.

Still, my favorite place remains the Atlanta area, and through the years I’ve lived in at least a dozen cities around here.

Most recently, I moved back to Carrollton when my mom got sick a couple years ago. We lost her this year. So, this move is maybe tougher than some of the others.

Being in Carrollton, I’ve gotten to see so many people who loved my mom and who have stories of some kindness she showed them, or something funny she said, or a place they went together. I’ll miss that. But those people are still close by, and they know I inherited my mom’s travel bug. Even her dachshund likes to go. So, the dog and I are packing up.

One of the greatest parts of being here is getting to work at not one paper, but two: LaGrange and Valley. I got to tour of both today, and enjoyed the drive between them (I-85 was clear). I was excited thinking about all that’s here: parks and museums and restaurants and stores. (Yes, linen shopping. As a woman.) And there’s football, lots of it, and books and coffee and festivals and conferences and a water resort. Not to mention that big lake.

The best part will be meeting all of you. I can’t wait to settle here and be part of these two communities.

I want to hear and help tell your stories. Like mine, they may not all be easy, but it’s good to get them out there. We’ll talk.

First, though — do you have any boxes?