The price Americans are paying for sham impeachment

Published 7:45 pm Thursday, October 31, 2019

By Mike Rogers
Represents Alabama’s 3rd district

As most folks have seen on the news lately, House Democrats are continuing their behind closed doors drive toward impeachment.

As they try to tear down and remove our president from the highest office in the world, every day Americans are left in the dark, only to hear bits and pieces that the Democrats leak to the media. 

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Democrats refuse to share any of their findings or testimony with other members of Congress.

This sham witch hunt is making a mockery of fairness and the rule of law.

I recently wrote Chairman Adam Schiff, who’s running the secret meetings, to obtain a copy of one of the witness’s testimony, but I have yet to receive an answer.

House Democrats’ lack of transparency to their colleagues and the American people leaves around 234 million Americans — including everyone across East Alabama — represented by a member of Congress who doesn’t have access to what’s going on. 

It’s ridiculous.

On top of the partisan and unfair investigation, House Democrats are so focused on trying to keep President Trump from being re-elected that they’ve forgotten why they are here.

The price America is paying for this witch hunt will ultimately damage our country.

For example, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement could pass the House of Representatives with bi-partisan support and be a huge win for our economy. 

In our great state, over 23,000 jobs depend on this, but it’s now at a standstill.

Or, lowering the cost of prescription drugs is another issue Congress should be working on, but it’s not impeachment, so it’s not prioritized.

And one especially important to me is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

The past few days, our brave men and women in uniform have taken down two of the top leaders in ISIS.

They put their lives on the line every day to keep our nation safe and secure, but House Democrats cannot focus long enough to fund our troops?  Instead, Congress’s real work has come pretty much to a halt as House Democrats spend every waking minute obsessed with this sham impeachment.

I will continue to stand with President Trump, and I am hopeful that Democrat leadership will realize instead of trying to hurt President Trump, what they are really doing by wasting time on this witch hunt is hurting the American people.