OUR VIEW: Hoping for a miracle

Published 5:34 pm Thursday, November 21, 2019

The people of the Valley have rallied together to say “Thank you!” in a most appropriate way as we head into the 2019 Thanksgiving season.

This weekend’s Miracle for the Myers Weekend is an opportunity for everyone to rise up and to say thank you to the family of Cheryl and Hermon Myers for what they have done to help down-on-their luck people for the past 30 years.

Cheryl and her family have been angels for the poor for three decades now.

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They’ve helped people with nowhere else to turn to have decent meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s hard to know an actual number, but it’s safe to say that hundreds of children may have had Christmases with no gifts had it not been for the Myers, the Christian Service Center and its large support group.

There’s a special place in heaven for those who devote their lives to those who go to great lengths to provide food, warm clothing, basic household items, and children’s toys during the

Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. For three decades now, the Christian Service Center has welcomed people of the Valley with open arms of compassion and kindness, striving to ensure that the poorest among us will have a meaningful and memorable holiday season.

You will never meet anyone more devoted to being a family than the Myers. Over the years, they have opened their home to more than 80 foster children.

There’s something very different about this year’s holiday season. The family that has always given so much and has gone to such great lengths to spread joy to those in need is in need of help for the community.

That’s what this weekend’s Miracle for the Myers means so much. It’s a rare opportunity to give back to a truly special family that has given so much.

Through prayer, expressions of support and financial assistance good-hearted people can step forward to make this miracle come true.

The family has been dealing with twin crises this fall. Their eldest son, James Myers, has been felled by a staph infection and is currently paralyzed from the waist down.

To deal with this, the family needs a van equipped with a wheelchair lift. Such a vehicle would cozy around $20,000.

There’s also medical expenses that’s not covered by insurance. Cheryl has been down with back problems in recent days and may need surgery.

“With her being ill, there are some big shoes to fill,” said Rev. Chuck Anderson at the Monday meeting of the Lanett City Council.

In a strong showing of solidarity, Lanett became the fourth local government to unanimously approve a proclamation supporting the Miracle for the Myers Weekend.

That same night, Chief Johnny Wood presented a check for $350 to the Myers family. This was money raised in Lanett Police Department’s No Shave November.

Police officers who contribute to a fund can go the entire month without shaving.

It’s fun for the officers, and it raises money for good causes.

Also Monday, the Valley Lions Club donated $500 to help the family. These are moves in the right direction.

It’s our hope that many more individuals, churches, civic clubs and businesses step up to help this family in need.

As Anderson put it Monday, “Cheryl Myers has given her life, her health and her home to so many.”

It’s time for all good-hearted people of the Valley to step up to help them.