Hallmark to air Beauregard special Tuesday

Published 9:00 am Thursday, December 5, 2019

LANETT — At 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Dec. 10, the Hallmark Drama channel will air “Project Christmas Joy,” highlighting the 2019 Fuller Center Legacy Build in Beauregard and the efforts of a community to build back after having a devastating tornado tear apart their small town on March 3.

The Hallmark Drama channel is not available on the local cable channels, but it is available on DirecTV, or it can be streamed online.

“Another way to see it is for WOW! to provide you Sling on a trial basis,” CFCP Executive Director Kim Roberts said. “They will do that for you for $5.99.”

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A crew from the Hallmark Drama channel was in Beauregard in late September and early October for the Legacy Build, when a total of 11 new CFCP homes were built. Altogether, the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project coordinated the construction of 18 new homes in Lee County this year, replacing previous homes that had been made unlivable by the tornado.

The crew returned on Saturday, Nov. 9 to celebrate an early Christmas for the families who had gotten new homes.

“They did a beautiful job of decorating Providence Baptist Church, and they even had the Hallmark Drama channel Santa Claus there distributing some really nice Christmas gifts to around 60 children, who are now living in new homes in Beauregard,” Roberts said. “They treated everyone to the best Thanksgiving-style dinner you could ever have.”

The March tornado killed a total of 23 people in Beauregard. Many of the people in the church that day had lost family members in that storm.

Roberts said that she and Assistant Director Robin Pierre had spent lots of time with Angela Polk and Christin Eelsling of Hallmark.

“They are precious,” she said. “They were amazed by what they saw in the week they were there and in the Christmas program at the church. I think things are really looking up right now in Beauregard. There’s been so much clean-up work, and there are lots of new homes there now. The morale is much better now than it was in the spring. The main thing is that they got their hope back, and that’s why we went there. It took a village to make that happen. It was one big team effort with donors, building contractors and volunteers. We are so glad to have been part of it. Everywhere we went we told people that it took teamwork to make the dream work.”

Roberts said the Hallmark team was wonderful to work with.

“They put their hearts into it,” she said. “They donated $150,000 to build three new homes.”