Tree of Lights raises thousands for hospital

Published 9:00 am Friday, December 27, 2019

VALLEY — The annual Tree of Lights fundraiser hosted by the Alabama-Georgia Hospital Auxiliary raised about $7,000 for local hospitals in 2019, according to the Auxiliary. Additionally, more than 90 people were honored by way of a light or a star on the tree.

The Tree of Lights fundraiser is the auxiliary’s annual event that raises money to buy equipment for the hospital. Most recently, the auxiliary purchased a weighing machine.

When donating, individuals usually give money in honor or in memory of a loved one.

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Those who donate show how much they want to give based on a color scheme.

Donors can choose white for $5; red for $10; green for $25; blue for $50; yellow for $75; and for a star, it’s $100.

Also, when a person donates a light to a particular person, a card is sent to the individuals that are being honored. If the person being honored is decreased, the donor can choose where they want the card sent.

Donors also had the option not to have a card sent out.

EAMC-Lanier Administrator Greg Nichols said the auxiliary is vital to the hospital operation.

“What we are doing is significant because of what the Auxiliary does for us,” Nichols said. “We couldn’t do what we do at EAMC-Lanier without them.”

Eve Milner, vice president of clinical services for EAMC-Lanier, said earlier this month that the Auxiliary had purchased items such as blanket warmers for the emergency room, dry erase boards for the patient rooms, wheelchairs, stretchers, beds and many other items.

The individuals honored are as follows:

Lighting the star — T. J. Horton, Smith Lanier, Barton Aul, Bruce N. Lanier Sr., Jane D. Lanier, Bruce N. Lanier Jr., Susie I. Lanier Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Howton, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Smith, Lori Fawbush, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Rearden, C. W. and Odessa Smith, Charles H. Crowder, Bruce and Sarah Andrews, Joe McElvy, Charles M. Gragg, Anita Lanier, J. Smith Lanier, II, Mr. and Mrs. Speedy McGlown, Huguley/Patterson, Dr. Edward J. Muldoon and Mrs. Mildred H. Muldoon.

Blue light — Roy L. Hill Jr., Ruth Talley Hawkins, Horace and Edna Hawkins, Mrs. Denise Thompson, Mr. Gene Hannah, Bud King, Joel Key, Mr. Bob Williams, Grace Wilson, Charlene A. Hopkins and Ronnie Brady,

Green light — Kasey McDonald, Michael Marquiste Xavier Tucker, Carolyn Hill, Crystal Melody Burdette, Madge Tidwell, Patti Slade, Bob Powers, Richie Terry, Don Johnson, John E. Cochran, Betty Pugh, Tom Pugh, Mrs. Gladys Morgan, Belinda Smith (Mimi), Bill Hughes and Skip Martin.

Red light — Bianca Freeman, Dale Freeman, Jay Morrison, the Rev. L. Z. Johnson Sr., Leiliah. N. Elliott, Mabry Elliott, James McCollum, Sonny Kervin, Shane Guy, Nesbert Stone, Ross Dunn, Michael Widner and Dr. Conrado Fernandez.

White light — Carol Evans, Kali Burgess, Lori Stephens, Stan Stephens, Mr. Allan Lamar McLeod, Dr. Don Gross, Alex Darden, Madge Tidwell, Larry Adcock, Maggie Owens, Janice Owens, Sue Adcock, Mary Watson, Roger Beck, Jim and Barbara Potts, Mrs. Shirley Hood Davis, David Wayne Foster, Winnie B. Ledyard, Jimmy and Estelle Maxwell, Sujette Cowart, Vincent and Victoria Potts, Paula Bramblett, Curtis Dunn and Jimmy Irvin.