Valley set for several road paving projects

Published 9:00 am Friday, January 24, 2020

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VALLEY — The City of Valley will be doing a significant amount of road paving in 2020. The big project is to resurface Valley Industrial Boulevard, a four-lane road that runs behind the Lanier-Carter site. That’s been a difficult project but is now nearing completion.

“We’ve been out there ten weeks on what should have been a six-week project,” Mayor Leonard Riley said. “Half of it has been paved, but we still have the other side to do.”

A drainage problem due to some excessive ground water has delayed the project longer than expected. The weather’s been a problem too.

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Other streets to be resurfaced this year include 15th Avenue East, 29th Boulevard, 31st Street, 33rd Street, 48th Street, 65th Street, Cleveland Road, Columbus Road, and Hopewell Road.

“We have delayed Columbus Road a couple of times for different reasons, but we will get it pave this year,” Riley said.

The section to be paved runs from 20th Avenue to McGinty’s Crossing.

29th Boulevard loops past the Shawmut Nazarene Church and Tater Milner Field back toward Walmart. Half of it was resurfaced in 2019; the remainder of the street will be paved this year.

Most of Hopewell Road is outside the city limits south of town. There’s a small portion of the road east of Fairfax Bypass that’s in the city. That’s the portion that will be paved this year.

The resurfacing of Cleveland Road will be a significant project. This street runs between 20th Avenue and Highway 29 just north of Valley High School.

48th Street is a well-traveled road. It’s the street that runs from Highway 29 to EAMC-Lanier Hospital.