Several reasons to vote this Tuesday

Published 6:33 pm Thursday, February 27, 2020

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It’s almost time to go to the polls. On Tuesday, voters in Chambers County will take part in Super Tuesday, where almost all of the focus nationally will be on the presidential race.

If you turn on CNN or Fox News today, a lot of the talk will center around the race for the Democratic nomination.

You’ll hear debate and analysis on what a win in South Carolina would mean for Joe Biden, or how big Bernie Sanders’ lead could be after Super Tuesday.

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It’s important stuff, but neither Sanders, Biden or Donald Trump — or whoever gets elected — will make decisions on a daily basis that affect Chambers County.

However, whoever wins two races on the ballot Tuesday will do just that.

Incumbent Beth Abney and challenger Shannon Frailey are running for revenue commissioner, and Doug Thomas and Jay Siggers are aiming for a spot on the Chambers County School District.

It almost goes without saying how important these two positions are, but we’ll remind you anyways.

The tax commissioner is the person who collects property taxes in our community. We hope you do your homework and determine which candidate you feel most comfortable working with in that role.

Whoever gets the school board vote will determine how money is spent in our school system.  They’ll also have a potential vote on the consolidation of Valley and LaFayette High Schools, if we ever get to that point. There’s also the important debate over Amendment 1, which would effectively dismantle the current elected state school board and allow for a governor-selected board.

We urge you to not only vote on Tuesday, but to ensure you have an educated opinion on who you’ll be voting for before you get to the polls.