9-year-old has drive-thru birthday party

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Birthdays are always a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate, but with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the country, these types of celebrations have been forced to go on hold.

But the Lanier family found a way to celebrate anyways.

Idania Lanier is a third-grader at Springwood School and with school canceled until the end of April, it appeared that she wouldn’t be able to see any of her friends or extended family for the celebration.

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After seeing different posts online from various parts of the country, her parents, John and Vanessa, found a way to celebrate without breaking the COVID-19 guidelines set in place by the state and federal governments. They decided to do a drive-through birthday party.

At this birthday party, the Lanier family would be on their front lawn, while friends and family could drive by and wish Idania a happy ninth birthday. The three Lanier children were the first on the front lawn, exactly at 1 p.m. on the dot as the Lanier’s oldest daughter, Eva, said, while John and Vanessa followed a couple of seconds later. About a minute later, the party started.

More than 10 different cars swung by the Lanier house, several of which drove by multiple times. Different family members and friends drove up to the curb and wished Idania a happy birthday.

Two different family members drove up playing a version of “Happy Birthday” through their car speakers.

A couple of other friends delivered presents. Some of the presents were stuffed animals, which allowed Idania to proclaim “Now I have more than 20!”

When she received the gifts, Idania proudly showed her friends and their families a piece of amethyst, which she had opened earlier in the day.

One of the Lanier neighbors drove up in a golf cart from their house a couple of streets down to wish the nine-year-old a happy birthday.

The golf cart had multiple signs wishing Idania a happy birthday, while the family of four was decked out in masks and capes. They were also blowing bubbles while driving past.

The party lasted for roughly 30 minutes.