Meal pick up is applauded

Published 6:45 pm Friday, March 20, 2020

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With school being out because of COVID-19, both Chambers County School System and the Lanett City School System have continued their breakfast and lunch programs, giving out free meals to students that are in need of a daily source of food.

These meal programs are important to continue no matter what is going on because for some children these are the only nutritious meals they will eat all day. In times of crisis, nutrition isn’t one of the first thoughts that comes to mind, but it shouldn’t be neglected, especially in the youth.

Children need nutrients to continue to grow and develop.

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Both school systems have delivered on their part to help continue to help their students and children in surrounding areas.

This also is good for the students to see the people they would normally see every day and continue to build their relationships and see that the people in the school system care for them to grow and flourish.

“These are still our kids, regardless of the circumstances. I love seeing them and serving our community.

In Lanett, our most important resource is our children, so we always have to put our children first,” said Lanett girls’ basketball coach Charlie Williams on Thursday. Williams was one of the many volunteers and school system workers that handed out meals to students on Thursday.

More than 1,000 lunches and breakfasts have been given out since Thursday, helping feed students around the county.

Alongside helping the students thrive, the parents of the children are also helped, since they don’t need to worry about providing an extra meal or two for their family that they possibly couldn’t afford.

We commend both school systems for taking care of the local youth even though school isn’t in session.