More than ever, support local business

Published 5:07 pm Thursday, March 19, 2020

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There has never been a better time than right now to support local businesses. The outbreak of COVID-19 has us all learning to adjust to a whole new way of life. Sports are gone, big-box retail is either closing or adjusting hours and restaurants have moved to takeout or delivery only.

These business adjustments are sure to dip into profits and have a far-reaching impact for some. It is our job to make sure that does not happen.

These people not only provide us a service that we all have come accustomed to, but they are members of our community.

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Your children attend schools with their children.

You attend church with them.

You see them around town.

You live next door to them.

They are not like the corporate owners of big-box companies that live in other states, they are right here in Chambers County.

We still have many options to help them maintain their business and still adhere to the latest social distancing recommendations.

  • Order takeout or delivery. Although most dining areas have been closed, restaurants are still open providing the same food we have come to enjoy. Call in and order, go pick it up or have it delivered if that’s an option.
  • Buy gift cards. Even if you are not buying anything right now, you can give your local shops or favorite restaurant a boost by spending even $10 on a gift card to use later.
  • Be patient. As we said, we are all trying to adjust to a drastically different way of life and since we are creatures of habit, this might take a little bit. Area businesses are not immune and will likely experience some hiccups along the way. Have some patience.
  • Say thank you. It is a shame we even have to mention this, but truth is, some people think businesses owe us something. They do not. The employees also do not owe us anything and are willingly coming to work each day to continue to serve us during this unprecedented time. A simple thank you can go a long way to spread a little goodwill.

As the old saying goes, this to shall pass, but in the meantime, support our resilient group of businesses in Chambers County so that when it does pass they will come out just fine on the other side.

We salute each of you.