Celebrate your favorite nurse

Published 1:39 pm Thursday, April 30, 2020

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OUR VIEW: National Nurse’s Week begins on Wednesday, May 6 through Tuesday, May 12 and is a week to appreciate the work that nurses do everywhere, including Chambers County.

We all have been in contact with a nurse at some point. Whether it be on a regular visit at a primary care doctor, while admitted to the hospital or the unfortunate visit to the emergency room or urgent care. The people that find themselves in this profession are natural caregivers and have a knack for keeping people calm during stressful times. Nurses can be seen as the lynchpin between patients and the doctor, as they spend the majority of the time with the patients and their families.

They are angels at the bedside.

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We respect and appreciate them for providing excellent and competent care throughout our community and for all the tears they have dried. Especially over the past several weeks.

Nurses also provide support to other nurses. That’s right, they need support too. After all, they are human just like the rest of us, and it is difficult not to have emotions when dealing with the sick. Although you will probably never see that emotion, it is there and they need a support system of their own. Who better to pick up a nurse than another nurse?

When they entered the nursing profession, we doubt they ever said they hoped to work during a worldwide health pandemic, but low and behold they are and they have done a spectacular job.

From those working in close contact with COVID-19 patients to the nurses that work in a local doctor’s office, we thank you and we can speak for the community when we say you are appreciated.

We recently solicited on our Facebook page for our community to shout out their favorite nurse and look forward to publishing those on May 9.

If you have not shouted out your favorite, there is still time to hop on Facebook and let everyone know how who that nurse is.