Stay home is not a hard concept

Published 6:29 am Friday, April 10, 2020

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As the positive cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, Chambers County has the highest per capita deaths in the state of Alabama — 23.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

Everyone will put their own spin on things. For instance, some of have argued on our Facebook page that the high number of cases may have something to do with being right off Interstate 85 or because there weren’t enough regulations in place on an earlier date.

First, we hope no one really subscribes to the I-85 argument because it is easily debunked if you look right over state line into Troup County, who at the time of this writing has 52 positive cases and three deaths in a county of 70,000 people.

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They boast the same geographic position along the I-85 corridor. Troup’s numbers aren’t low, but it’s also a county double the size of Chambers County.

And for anyone wondering, cases are reported by county of residence, so even if an outsider drives down I-85, feels bad and heads to EAMC-Lanier, they wouldn’t be counted toward Chambers County’s total.

We think the county took this serious fairly quickly, but, unfortunately, some simply outright ignored the warnings.

We don’t want to pour salt in the wounds. However, we want people to realize the severity of what we are dealing with.

East Alabama Medical Center is tired. Plain and simple. They have been tireless warriors caring for our sick friends and neighbors and in some sad cases might’ve been the last and only friend some got to see.

The comforting part is those warriors will not stop fighting, they will continue to battle this virus and continue to fight to keep our friends and family healthy, but we must do our part. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

Sunday will be an Easter unlike any other any of us have experienced. For many, this will be the very first time they do not step foot in a church. That in itself is a pretty eerie feeling.

We’re sure it feels wrong for our local leaders to plead with you not to go to church services in-person.

We know it feels weird to write it.

But it’s the best thing for everyone, even on Easter. Make arrangements to take part in services from your home. It’s truly the best thing for everyone.

There are several weeks left in Gov. Ivey’s stay at home order and if we do not act now, it will be longer.

The more you stay home the faster this thing ends, and we can all go back to having family get-togethers, block parties, community events and head back to church together.