Joint statement to the citizens of Chambers County on the death of George Floyd

Published 12:35 pm Thursday, June 4, 2020

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These are troubling times we are facing. On the heels of COVID-19, and the disruption, sickness and death that came with it and is still present, we are now facing another critical event in our country.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died needlessly while three Minneapolis Police Officers held him down on the ground while he was handcuffed behind the back and a fourth officer stood guard and watched. One of these officers placed his knee on the back of the neck of Floyd and continued to put pressure on the neck of Floyd resulting in his death. This has shocked and sickened all law enforcement officers in Chambers County, LaFayette, Lanett and Valley. Collectively we offer our condolences and our prayers to the family of George Floyd.

We want to assure our citizens that we have taken steps in our departments to eliminate the possibility of such wanton disregard for human life. Our officers have been trained in the use of force and continue to be trained in this area. We have all been trained on how to effectively and lawfully use the tools and tactics of our profession to make arrests and transport prisoners.

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We support our citizen’s rights to assemble and protest peacefully against injustice. We will safeguard the rights of those citizens peacefully assembling. We are also committed to working together in the apprehension and removal of persons who assemble for the purpose of damaging property, disrupting traffic flow, or committing other criminal acts.

Through the cooperation and support of the law enforcement officers of Chambers County, LaFayette, Lanett, and Valley, the citizens of which we serve, and God’s grace, we will come through this crisis a closer, safer, and more united and understanding community.


Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart

LaFayette PD Chief George Rampey

Lanett PD Chief Johnny Wood

Valley PD Chief Tommy Weldon