LaFayette council approves three resolutions

Published 7:25 am Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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At its final meeting of June, the LaFayette City Council approved all three resolutions that were placed in front of the three members that were present.

Resolution 2020-06-01 dealt with the voting machines that the city will use when it holds its election for mayor and all five city council members on Aug. 25. The machines were used in the surrounding cities of Chambers County but were not used in LaFayette’s last election at the start of 2019. The resolution allows for the machines to be used in August.

Resolution 2020-06-02 delt with the Emergency Election Manager Agreement. At the previous meeting in early June, the council approved city clerk Louis Davidson to be the city’s election manager. The resolution passed on Monday allows for Cary Baldwin to assist Davidson on election night and allow him to be the election manager if Davidson were not able to perform his duties on election night.

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Resolution 2020-06-03 dealt with the city’s Community Development Block Grant application. The grant would deliver $450,000 to the city to help the water treatment center. It would help fund two generators, one at the well site and a larger one at the actual treatment center, along with other renovations that need to take place.

Also at the meeting, mayor Barry Moody put a motion in front of the council to reopen the city’s park, since the state government has allowed for some recreational activities to start as of June 15. In Moody’s motion, the park would be opened as long as people using it are maintaining social distancing and use disinfectants like hand sanitizer.

It was not approved by the council.

“I don’t think that it’s a good idea. The coronavirus numbers are high and they continue to rise,” representative Tammie Williams said. “I just don’t think it would be safe.”

“This is not the time for kids to be out there,” representative Toney Thomas added. “You don’t have anyone to monitor those kids like they need to be monitored.”

The senior center will also remain closed, following advice from Gov. Kay Ivey.

The council decided to wait on Ordinance 459, which deals with utility fees and cutoff fees. The members decided to read over the ordinance before voting on it.

If the ordinance is approved, utility late fees will start after the 15 of the month. If late, the fee would be $10. Disconnect day would be on the 22.