Lanett police officers promoted on Monday

Published 7:05 am Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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LANETT — In a Monday evening ceremony at city hall, four Lanett Police Department officers attained a higher rank. Brittani Reaves and Brad King were promoted from the rank of sergeant to lieutenant and Asim Hicks and Alvin McCarley were promoted from officer to sergeant.

The officers received a standing ovation from the mayor, council members and spectators present for the event. Chief Johnny Wood told them that promotions in rank were a well-deserved reward.

“This moment did not come easily,” he said. “It came with lots of devotion, hard work, constantly learning and constantly improving. It takes skill and commitment to do this work day in and day out. Each one of you knew when you walked through that door for the first time that it wouldn’t be easy, that you had to persevere to work your way up. You have had to prove it, and it wasn’t just taking a test or being assessed by your peers. It was by doing the work, day in and day out, on the streets of the city, no matter what was thrown at you. You passed the test that really matters – the test of doing the work, of being out serving the people. You prevailed on that playing field, no matter how tough it was. I hope you have a profound sense of pride today.

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“Remember than the mission of the Lanett Police Department is to serve our community by protecting life, liberty, property and defending the constitutional rights of all people with compassion, fairness, integrity and professionalism. We will provide the highest quality police services to our citizens and to partner with our community to identify and resolve problems. We will constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to enhance public safety and improve the quality of life for the people of Lanett.”

Wood added that Lanett Police Department officers fulfill their commitment to the citizens by being efficient and firm in the pursuit of justice, tempered with empathy, compassion and a conscientious respect for the diverse community being served.

“We will execute our duties in an impartial, ethical and professional manner,” he said. “We will not stray from the path. We will remember the core values of the Lanett Police Department.”