Preventative measures will save our summer

Published 3:41 pm Monday, June 15, 2020

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We all have a bad case of quarantine fatigue. We are tired of living in what feels like lockdown limbo. The weather is warmer, summer is here – at least it will be officially Saturday. It’s time to take that family vacation and hit the water to unwind.

A word of caution. As of this writing, Chambers County has a positive COVID-19 case count of 461 with 26 confirmed deaths. For those of us following along, just 14 days ago that number was at 358. Over a hundred new cases in a two-week period are somewhat staggering, even if it’s probably a slower pace than we had before.

We do know that self-quarantines, lockdowns, social distancing, mask-wearing and proper handwashing work to slow the spread. We saw it first hand as millions of Americans flipped their lives upside down for weeks, and in some cases months, to protect themselves and their loved ones from this highly contagious virus.

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We still do not know all that we need to know about COVID-19. We still do not have enough testing kits available.

Too much, too soon and little precautions may make the summer look a lot like Easter 2020 did.

We are not saying to crawl back inside your homes and hibernate once again. We are, however, saying take every necessary precaution and recommendation seriously.

None of us want to see this virus regain momentum and ruin our summer any more that it has already.

We also want to see schools be able to return to session as close to normal as possible. Another wave of this will undoubtedly put that timeline in jeopardy.