CCSD virtual learning enrollment surpasses 20 percent

Published 3:53 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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The Chambers County School District released an update Tuesday on the virtual learning registration numbers originally released on July 28.

The number of enrollments has jumped by 40 percent since the July 28 release.

A total of 786 students across the district have elected to enroll in virtual learning this school year. That number represents approximately 23 percent of the district’s 3,430 total enrollment population. In an email to the VTN, CCSD Superintendent Kelli Hodge said the school system expected about 25 percent enrollment in the virtual learning program for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Hodge said application submission ended on July 31, but the district would continue to accept applications as long as they needed to.

The virtual learning program is designed to be online, self-paced, and individualized. It is a nontraditional pathway to earn state approved school credits. It is designed to support those who choose not to participate in the traditional option due to the threat of COVID-19. Virtual options are available for all students except for Pre-K.

Interested students may apply for admission at any time. However, transferring into or out of the program will only take place at the beginning of each nine weeks.


Virtual Enrollees Total School Population Pct Virtual Students
Bob Harding 68 238 28.57%
Fairfax 124 440 28.18%
Five Points 32 89 35.96%
Huguley 71 401 17.71%
LaFayette Eastside 112 269 41.64%
LaFayette Lanier 58 208 27.88%
JP Powell 49 132 37.12%
WF Burns 135 621 21.74%
LaFayette High School 45 238 18.91%
Valley High School 92 794 11.59%
Total 786 3430 22.92%