Harris County school system reports two active COVID cases

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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After one full week of school, the Harris County School District is releasing its first weekly COVID-19 report.

In a press release, the school system states, “the data being shared for a seven-day range includes the total number of students, the total number of employees, the total number of COVID-19 active cases in each group, and the total number of close contact cases in each group.”

The current data, from the first day of school on August 10, through Monday, Aug 17, include:

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Total number of students 5528

Number of COVID-19 active cases 2

Number of close contact cases 43

Total number of employees 763

Number of COVID-19 active cases 3

Number of close contact cases 6

“We need everyone to remain vigilant in following the health guidelines that have been set forth,” said Superintendent Roger Couch. “We greatly appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response of students, parents, and the community. Hopefully, seeing the numbers will keep everyone focused on staying safe. Adherence to the safety protocols is having a great impact on our school environments.”

The District continues to stay in close contact with the Department of Public Health to monitor and manage the process.

Couch added, “We can’t stress enough to students, as well as everyone in the community, to continue to wash hands, wear masks, and socially distance, at school and away from school. Practicing these things all the time gives us the best chance of reducing viral spread.”