Hunter leads Blasingame by five votes in LaFayette council race

Published 8:59 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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LaFayette’s District B was the closest of the three runoff elections in Chambers County on Tuesday. After machine votes and absentee votes, Shannon Hunter led incumbent Charlotte Blasingame 115 to 110. 

It was unclear how many provisional ballots were remaining. 

“There are still provisional ballots out, so it’s still kind of in the air since the margin is very small,” Hunter said. “If I continue to be in the lead and win, I’m looking forward to representing my district and providing them with information, so they know what’s going on in the government, which they don’t right now.”

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Like new mayor Kenneth Vines, Hunter has been running with the platform of having a long-term plan so the city can grow and thrive. 

“[I’ve been] developing a long-range plan and working with Mr. [Kenneth] Vines,” Hunter said. “We’ve been talking since before the first election about how we could work together and make things better for the city.”

The biggest part of Hunter’s platform is getting information to the public. 

“The first thing you do is gather information,” Hunter said. “There hasn’t been very much information coming out of the government. I’ve tried to put what I could get on my website lafayetteforcitizens website. There’s some there, but not as much as people need to see what is happening.”

Once the citizens have the information in front of them, Hunter will get feedback about the city’s plans. 

“We’ll gather information and then from that, get it out to the people, then get feedback and develop a long-range plan, so we can try to get the city moving in the right direction.” Hunter said.

Hunter was the chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission in Azle, Texas for two years, which has a population of roughly 10,000 people. When he was chairman, Hunter introduced a new zoning ordinance. He has also served as the President of Homeowners’ Association in Chapala, Mexico and served on the city’s liquor license board.

The official results from Tuesday’s runoff election will be canvased on Oct. 13 at noon CT.