Christian Service Center helping 250 families this year

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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VALLEY — The Myers family got into the spirit of Christmas on Tuesday and spread some of that Christmas cheer throughout their Todd Addition neighborhood. They’d planned to go in an old red pickup truck with a large Christmas tree in the back. It’s an iconic image many people are familiar with, but the 1956 Chevrolet pickup wouldn’t run, and they had to have a change of plans. They went in another truck and had fun anyway, leaving bags of candy at their neighbors’ doorsteps.

“This has been a rough year for everyone with the virus out there,” Cheryl Myers said. “People need to smile more. We drove the old red pickup truck to Walmart the other day, and people loved it,” she said.

Cheryl’s husband, Hermon, has had the red pickup for 18 years and has taken very good care of it.

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“I bought it from Scott Moore,” he said. “He drove it to Valley High every day when he was a student there.”

Moore is now a media professional in Kentucky and keeps up with the Myers family on Facebook.

“I know he will love seeing a picture of that red truck with a big Christmas tree on the back,” Cheryl said.

The main reason to play Santa three days early was the opportunity to get son, James Myers, out of the house for some Christmas season fun. He’s still recovering from a staph infection that briefly left him paralyzed. He’s been learning to walk again, and it’s been a struggle. He was recently fitted for a leg brace that lets him move around the house much better. He had a chance to laugh and smile on Tuesday.

James was dressed as the Grinch and his brothers as Santa and an elf.

“We’ve planned on doing this for a long time,” Cheryl said. “We have missed out on almost all of our family events this year. It was so much fun for all of us to get out and do this today.”

The big tree on back of the truck was donated by Huguley Elementary School. Last Friday was the final day of school before the holiday break, and the offer was there for anyone who wanted it to take it. Cheryl and Hermon’s daughter Christy Eddy took them up on it. It was perfect for the ’56 Chevy.

As director of the Christian Service Center, Cheryl Myers has seen many, many people needing help this holiday season. Some of those seeking help have never asked for it before, and in many cases people who had asked for it in the past are doing better now and donating to the Christian Service Center.

“Next year will be our 30th year with the Christian Service Center,” Myers said. “We are hoping and praying it will be better than this one has been. We have never had a year like this one and are grateful for each and every person who helped us.”