CCSD reports newest COVID numbers

Published 7:41 am Saturday, January 16, 2021

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The Chambers County School District released its most recent COVID-19 numbers on Friday. Since students did not report to campus until Monday, the student numbers were not recorded until then. Staff numbers were reported from Jan. 5 until Friday, since staff reported to work on Jan 5.

“There are several systems around us that are going completely virtual and are closing. I think what happened is they came back and their numbers are starting to rise,” CCSD Superintendent Casey Chambley said. “I feel like we made the best decision for our children and staff members.”

As of Friday, there are no students that have tested positive for COVID-19, but there are 23 students who are in quarantine due to direct exposure.

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CCSD families had the option for the week of Jan 11 through Jan. 15 to send their students to campus or allow them to stay home and learn remotely.

Since Jan. 5, there have been six CCSD employees to test positive for COVID-19, plus there are five that are in quarantine.

When the CCSD brought the choice option in front of the Chambers County School Board, there were more than 20 staff members that had to be quarantined or tested positive for COVID-19.

“We felt like there were a lot of student numbers that were not reported because maybe the parents felt like they knew they were going to be out and had some time. It was harder for us to contact trace over the break,” Chambley said. “Right now, the teacher numbers are looking much better. When we took our break [the pandemic days], I think we were up to 24 staff members. That number has come way down.”

As of now, Chambley said school was scheduled to return to traditional learning on Tuesday, Jan. 19. At the time of the interview, he was on the way to speak with EAMC-Lanier Executive Vice President / Administrator Greg Nichols to see how the county’s COVID-19 numbers were doing.

As of Thursday, Chambers County had reported 438 new COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days. From Tuesday to Thursday, the county had reported 109 new cases, but the county has been dropped into the high-risk category instead of the very high-risk category like it had been the previous two weeks.

“It looks like we’re at a plateau if not starting to drop some. We are hoping that the number starts to drop and either drops or plateaus and not increase over the weekend, Chambley said. “Unless something dramatic takes place and the numbers skyrocket and hospitalizations skyrocket, we’re going to stay with the plan to try and come back Tuesday.”