AmWaste introduces new trucks for trash removal

Published 8:01 am Wednesday, August 18, 2021

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AmWaste, the sanitation provider for much of the local area, is sending letters to its customers informing them of a change in the service they are receiving. Local cities being served by AmWaste have been receiving complaints from their residents about the kind of service they have been receiving from the company.

What’s been taking place is a transition to a different kind of vehicle making the weekly trash pickups.

“We are doing this primarily due to the safety concerns associated with having an individual exposed to traffic on the rear of the vehicle,” the letter reads.

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“We sincerely apologize for any issues or service failures this transition has created. We are committed to resolving all identified issues and have confidence this change in vehicle type will result in a safer and more efficient working environment for our people and the community.”

The new vehicles being used for local trash pickups are automated side loaders. Each vehicle has a mechanical arm and gripper, and it takes only one person — the driver — to handle the pickup. Service is being provided to one side of the street at a time.

“If we have serviced your neighbor across the street,” the letter reads, “we have not missed you. We will be coming back down the other side of the street at another point in the route.”

To better assist local residents in their garbage pickups, AmWaste is asking residents to be aware of the new procedure and is asking the residents to do the following things:

4To place their cart at least four feet away from any fixed object such as a mailbox, light pole, retaining wall, etc.;

4To place the cart no more than three feet from the edge of the road or curb;

4To have the cart’s handle facing your home and away from the street;

4To bag all materials in the cart to avoid fly-away litter going into the street;

4To break down boxes and place them inside the cart if possible.

“We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your city,” the letter continues. “Know that we are committed to providing the highest quality of service and safety to the community.”

At a recent meeting of the Valley City Council, Planning & Development Director Travis Carter reported that his office had been getting lots of complaints about AmWaste’s garbage pickups in the city. Callers told him that there had been times when their trash had not been picked up all week or very late at night. Some residents complained of extra bags of trash on top of their cart not being taken.

Some residents told him that their cart had gotten damaged during a pickup and had been carried away without being replaced.

At that time, Mayor Leonard Riley said he wanted to meet with AmWaste officials to see what could be done to offer better service for Valley residents.

Residents of Lanett and West Point have made similar complaints in recent weeks.

AmWaste provides residential curbside garbage collection for cities and counties throughout the states of Alabama and Georgia. Founded in 2010, AmWaste LLC is a full-service waste and recycling company with operations in several Southeastern states.