Lanett City Council may name new mayor on Monday

Published 8:00 am Saturday, October 2, 2021

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LANETT — At a Thursday evening work session, members of the Lanett City Council appeared ready to decide Kyle McCoy’s permanent successor on Monday. Jamie Heard has been serving as mayor pro-tem in the interim, but someone needs to be named to fulfill the balance of the term, which extends to October 2024. McCoy was recently removed from office by the attorney general’s office after pleading guilty to two ethics charges.

“I am ready to make a motion for one of us to be mayor,” Council Member Tifton Dobbs said.

“We will vote on the mayor Monday,” said Council Member Tony Malone.

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City Attorney Stanley Gray said the council members could vote for someone presently on the council or someone not presently a council member.

“I think we should vote Monday,” said Council Member Angelia Thomas. “Are you all in agreement with that?”

No one said they weren’t.

Heard said that having any kind of good team, whether in be in sports or government, was a matter of everyone working together to achieve a common end.

“I think we can do that,” he said.

“I will support anyone who sits in that seat,” Thomas said. “We are committed to continuing doing a great job for the community. We will stick together and have a united front for the citizens of Lanett. Let’s keep our heads up. This city is not going to implode. Thank you, Jamie, for what you have done thus far.”

“The main thing is that we keep working together to keep moving this city forward,” said Council Member Tony Malone.

The council’s next regular meeting will be taking place at 6 p.m. EDT on Monday, Oct. 4.