City of LaFayette approves $5,000 for Christmas decor, celebration

Published 10:00 am Friday, November 12, 2021

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At the LaFayette City Council meeting on Monday, Adrian Holloway and Anna Troxell from the Christmas on the Square Committee explained to the council why they would like $5,000 dollars for Christmas decor and a celebration. The council voted to approve their request.

Holloway said the committee looks forward to holding a city parade, tentatively to be held Dec. 11. In addition, it looks forward to holding Christmas on the Square, which tentatively would involve lighting a Christmas tree, Christmas caroling and providing free refreshments to citizens.

“What we’re really needing is moreso for the decorations and for beautification of our city during the holiday season,” she said. “And so, you see a list here kind of broken down that would help you to understand a little bit more about the $5,000 that we are requesting.”

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On the list were 22 strands of 300 LED lights, which would cost approximately $800. Holloway said the lights would decorate four nine-foot Christmas trees in the courthouse, as well as garland that runs by the courthouse.

“You see banners, and I’ve got a quantity of two of them,” she said. We’re talking about more of the larger banners that would go across the intersection, maybe at Newmans when you’re coming in, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ or however we need it to read, ‘from the city of LaFayette,’ for those people that are coming [on] 431, coming into the city. And then the same on the opposite side, maybe Kim’s Place or somewhere there so that either direction, you’re able to see that.”

Holloway said that while the signs would cost $1,000, she sees them as an investment because they could be used year after year. She said the committee would try to involve churches for Christmas caroling but that money would be needed for entertainment-related items such as microphones and refreshments.

“As part of the parade, of course, first, second, and third place, so the plaques and/or banners, so we would judge them prior to the parade,” she said. “They’d get a banner on their floats so you’d know who was first, second and third place as they went through.”

Holloway also discussed having a firetruck take Santa Claus through the neighborhood.

“Of course, we will have Santa at the parade on the firetruck, but some of our neighboring cities have Santa kind of drive through the neighborhoods, and it’s really been a big deal for some of the kids,” she said. “And we thought that that may be something that would be good for our kids in LaFayette.”

Holloway said she included the price of having Santa in a firetruck in the budget, although it might not cost anything.

Landscaper Brad Shaver of Estate Masters said his business sets up commercial Christmas lights, which have a 10-year warranty, and that it stores the lights when they’re not in use.

“The first year, you have to pay for the lights and the install,” he said. “And then every year after that, you just pay for installation and removal. And then there’s a little cost built-in for storage.”

He suggested putting lights on outdoor trees and light poles.

“That’s sort of what we came up with last night, but we can just give a price of different things, and then ya’ll can decide what you want and what you don’t want,” he said.