OUR VIEW: Worth reflecting on two years since the start of COVID-19

Published 9:30 am Friday, March 18, 2022

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This week marked two years since Troup County experienced its first case of COVID-19. And while we know you’re tired of hearing about the pandemic, we do think it’s important to remember how different things were two years ago at this time.

We were all in a scary moment, dealing with something that there was no blueprint on. Almost no one had lived through a worldwide pandemic and there were a lot more unknowns than knowns.

Businesses like restaurants were forced to shut down for weeks and stay-at-home orders asked us to remain in our homes.

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During that time, we stayed away from each other as best as we could, keeping six feet of distance and monitoring our symptoms.

Sports were canceled, from youth league all the way up to the professionals. E

ven the NCAA Tournament, which started Thursday with full crowds, was canceled entirely.

We’ve been through a lot of peaks and valleys sent then. A lot of debating, a lot of politics. A lot of sickness where we’ve seen friends and family members suffer or die.

Every time we think COVID is gone, it seems to come back. But right now there’s renewed hope (outside of an increasing number of cases in Europe) that once again we’ve toppled this thing, at least for a while.

Troup County is back in the single digits for cases per day, which is incredible considering where we were just a few months ago.

Life as we know it has mostly returned to normal. It’s been that way for Georgia for a while now, but other states have done so now too.

Not that long ago we were stuck in our homes, unsure of what was next.

We’ve come a long way on this pandemic in two years.

That’s worth reflecting on and remembering.