Multiple locations to participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, April 23, 2022

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration declared Saturday, April 30 National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. In partnership with East Alabama Mental Health, the Chambers County Drug Task Force will be leading the effort in Chambers County.

Capt. Robert Chambers of the drug task force said three locations in Chambers County will be accepting drugs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in their respective time zones: the Valley Police Department, the Lanett Police Department and the Chambers County Courthouse in LaFayette. Members of East Alabama Mental Health will be present at each location.

All kinds of drugs will be accepted at each location. Chambers said those who turn in illegal drugs will not be punished. However, he said needles won’t be accepted.

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“At the end of the event, we’ll turn [the drugs] over to the Drug Enforcement Administration,” Chambers said. “They’ll pick it up, and they will destroy them for us.”

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is important, Chambers said, because it keeps drugs out of the hands of people who might abuse them, especially those of children.

The drug task force has been participating in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day since before 2008, when Chambers joined it, he said.

If anyone is unable to turn in drugs on the day of the event, Chambers said they can turn them in at the Valley Police Department, the Lanett Police Department or the Chambers County Courthouse in LaFayette any time of the year.

Agent Steve Smith of the Chambers County Drug Task Force said needles and liquids aren’t accepted at the Chambers County Courthouse.

“No one’s going to get in trouble if they turn in drugs to us,” he said. “They can bring drugs up and give them to me — illegal drugs, any drugs — they can give them to me. They won’t be charged.”

A Lanett Police Department employee has previously said that her location also wouldn’t accept flammable things such as inhalers and aerosols, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Captain Richard Casner of the LPD said the location also won’t take needles.

Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds said the VPD doesn’t accept needles or anything explosive or flammable. He said drugs should be securely packaged rather than dumped in. Turning in illegal drugs is “fine,” he said.

The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office has a year-round drop off box, which does not accept hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, aerosol cans, ointments, lotions, liquids, medication from businesses or clinics, needles and thermometers. Major T.J. Wood of the CCSO said illegal drugs are not accepted in the box.

Lieutenant Aaron Salley of the West Point Police Department said drugs are accepted in the WPPD lobby. Needles, hydrogen peroxide, thermometers, inhalers, aerosols, illegal drugs and medication from businesses are not accepted.

“You would have to bring it to the front desk and then hand it off to an officer, and then it gets placed in the box,” Salley said.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office also has a year-round drop off box in its lobby. No needles, aerosols, liquids or illegal drugs are accepted there, and loose pills must be in a container.