Café Brûlée opens in downtown LaGrange

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, June 11, 2022

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By Olivia Johnson

Attention all coffee aficionados: there’s a new coffee shop in LaGrange putting a new twist on caffeinated favorites and dessert.

The new shop, named Café Brûlée and Dessert Bar, is owned by Phillip Abbott. Since acquiring Sweet Roast Coffee in late-2021, Abbott has created a new vision for the space and remodeled it into a place families and friends can go for a sweet treat.

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“We purchased Sweet Roast and rebranded and recreated it into a café and dessert bar. It has been an extension of our family,” Abbott said. “Local Grounds is our first coffee shop, which is more of a coffee and sweet shop. The café and dessert bar is going to be more food, breakfast and lunch items and then a dessert bar at 9 a.m. because we can have beer, wine and mixed drinks here.”

Abbott’s newest venture is influenced by LaGrange’s downtown culture and restaurants like the Café Intermezzo located in Atlanta. He hopes for the café to be a place unique to LaGrange and for it to have its own brand and flare that bring something new to the table. The cafe offers everything from grilled cheese, decadent cakes and even charcuterie boards to share.

“It’s got its own personality. It has more of a downtown feel, and it’s more accessible to a whole different set people,” Abbott said.

“We wanted to be it to be a part of the same family but for it to have its own personality.”

Abbott said he hopes to the Café Brulee and Dessert Bar becomes a place locals fit into their daily schedule.

“We would like for it to be as with Local Grounds, a landmark in the community so everyone knows where it is and works it into their daily lives or schedule, and for it to be like a treat for them to be able to come visit with us,” Abbott said.