Chambers County School District provides more clarity on dress code

Published 11:00 am Saturday, June 18, 2022

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At the Chambers County School Board meeting on Tuesday, Assistant Superintendent David Owen and Superintendent Casey Chambley answered questions parents had asked about the school system’s new dress code revisions.

Owen said pants and shorts don’t necessarily have to have belt loops or buttons.

“What we’re trying to stay away from are gym shorts,” Chambley said. “So it’s more of the fabric than it is the elastic and not buttoning … we want to be very careful that the golf-type short and the stretchy material is fine as long as it’s not a knit gym short-type material. But a cotton or a golf short material is fine.”

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Another question submitted by parents asked if students could wear shirts with logos slightly bigger than a quarter.

“We think if it’s within reason, yes,” Owen said. “But if it’s a drastic difference, no.”

Students may wear rainboots, Owen said. Additionally, he said students could wear jackets but can’t use them to hide dress code violations. He said jackets with hoods shouldn’t be worn throughout the school day.

Owen said at the secondary level, it is likely students will be required to change clothes for physical education.

“What would that dress look like? Probably some spirit wear involved with that. Some school branding,” Owen said.

Chambley said dresses will meet dress code requirements if the upper part meets the requirement for a shirt and the lower part meets the requirements for a skirt. Additionally, he said there were no requirements for socks.

Owen announced that Alabama’s tax-free weekend will be held from July 15 through July 17.

“I really want to highlight that,” he said. “And we’ve been working hard not to endorse any providers but to make those resources available to our parents. For instance, one of the providers we were working with is the Old Navy provider from Tiger Town. And their store manager’s making us a flyer for the district.”

Owen said the flyer would be specific to CCSD’s dress code revisions.

He said Sass & Class Boutique in Valley is also advertising styles that fit with CCDS’s dress code revisions, as is Southern School Uniforms in Montgomery.

“They’re also interested in attending an expo here where we could have an expo of providers available maybe one day on the Valley side and one day on the LaFayette side here in July to let people actually go and meet these providers and actually purchase these clothes on-site here in the district without having to travel,” he said.

Owen said CCSD was also working with Montgomery Uniforms.

“Those are just four different providers that we’ve identified in the last week that are trying to help provide resources for our parents,” he said. “And as Mr. Chambley noted earlier, we’re trying to work with our technology departments to streamline those resources for parents and students in one site, in one location on the website where they can go to it and identify where they can find these resources.”

Owen said that consultant group CBG is organizing a district photoshoot of students modeling dress code revisions on Friday, June 17.