City of Lanett shows appreciation to Charter Foundation

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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LANETT — The Charter Foundation has been thanked by the City of Lanett for its help in improving the current communications system for the Lanett Police Department. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Lanett City Council, Police Chief Johnny Wood commended the Charter Foundation for providing a grant to the LPD. Bill Gladden accepted a copy of the commendation on behalf of the Foundation.

“We at the Lanett Police Department are both grateful and excited to have received assistance from your organization to update our current communication system,” Wood told Gladden. “Most of the hand-held radios we had been using had outlived their serviceable life, and none of them have digital capability. As a result, we were faced with having a sizable cost to upgrade and maintain our hand-held radios.”

Wood explained that the Charter Foundation grant was helpful in two ways.

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“The first way is that it provided our department with reliable hand-held communication devices that are designed for inclement weather and for the rigors of law enforcement use,” Wood said. “The reliability and clarity of these new radios will have an immediate impact on our communications with dispatch and surrounding agencies.”

The second way it helps is that the new radios will have both analog and digital capabilities.

“We currently utilize analog/VHF frequencies in our communications,” Wood said. “Digital frequencies are much clearer than analog frequencies. The purchase of new radios is a vital first step to upgrading our communications system from using analog to digital in the near future.”

“The Lanett Police Department would like to express our thankfulness and appreciation to the Charter Foundation,” Wood added. “We are grateful not only for this grant but for all the philanthropic works and your support of the Greater Valley Area. This grant will help us in a big way in our ongoing efforts to provide the best in law enforcement service to Lanett and the surrounding area.”