OUR VIEW: Answers appear to be coming on school uniforms

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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There’s been a lot of discussion — and confusion — about the Chambers County School District’s new uniform policy.

It’s a big change, though it’s more of a dress code revision, according to Assistant Superintendent David Owen. However, with any change in what students can wear, there’s always going to be confusion, questions and concerns from parents.

We’ve written about the policy in this space in recent weeks, suggesting that we’re not sure a uniform policy is the end-all, be-all to fix bullying issues in schools, but also understanding CCSD conducted extensive research before making this decision. We’ve also heard from Superintendent Casey Chambley and Owen directly, giving details on the new policy and what it’ll mean for students.

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For their part, CCSD has been open about discussing the changes. They have been willing to answer questions from students and parents, although we understand parents want answers now, as school isn’t really that far away.

On Monday, CCSD posted that it will hold photoshoots for the new dress code on Friday, which we think is a really smart decision. Students wearing proper attire can show up Friday at Valley High from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET and LaFayette High from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. CT to have their photos taken and show others what proper attire looks like.

Hopefully, students and parents who have read and understand the policy show up to get their photos taken, helping end any confusion.

We know there will still be questions remaining after the photoshoot, but hopefully that will help answer some of them.

We do think it’s clear CCSD is doing its best to answer questions, including talking to this newspaper, to discuss the changes. It will be a learning experience for all, but by the second week of school, we’re sure everyone will be on the same page.