Heat advisory in effect, heat index expected to climb over 100 degress

Published 7:32 am Thursday, July 7, 2022

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A heat advisory has been put in effect for Chambers County and surrounding areas until 10 p.m. EST on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service in Birmingham. It is expected that heat index values will reach up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deputy Director Kathy Hornsby of the Chambers County Emergency Management Agency said that she expected the heat advisory to be extended into Friday and the weekend. She encouraged residents to check on those who may be without air conditioning and to stay inside if possible.

Furthermore, Hornsby noted that high temperatures can leave residents susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. She suggested that residents steer clear of direct sunlight, drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing and retreat to cool areas as often as possible.

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“If you are planning on working outside, make sure to take multiple breaks throughout the day,” Hornsby said. “Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances. Because of this heat, their bodies can go into stress in less than three minutes.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heat exhaustion is the precursor to heat stroke and is a direct result of the body overheating. Heat exhaustion can be identified by heavy sweating, rapid pulse, dizziness, fatigue, moist skin with goosebumps when in the heat, muscle cramps, nausea and headache.

Heat stroke symptoms can arrive when one’s body temperature rises to 103 degrees or higher. At this temperature, the body’s organs can become damaged, leading to serious complications or death. Symptoms of heat stroke include a rapid pulse, heavy sweating after cooling down and confusion. If you suspect someone has symptoms of heat stroke, call 911 immediately.

In addition to the heat, isolated thunderstorms are expected to return to Central Alabama on Friday night, and will continue into Saturday. Any storms could become strong with heavy rain, gusty winds and frequent lightning.