Springwood holds throwing clinic for athletes

Published 9:30 am Friday, July 15, 2022

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Springwood has been holding throwing clinics over the summer for any Springwood students who want to play baseball. These clinics are separate from the summer workouts that are open to all athletes at Springwood.

The clinic is just a chance for any student, who is town during the summer, to hone their throwing skills.

With Springwood being a smaller school, most of the students play three or four sports, so baseball isn’t the priority right now. Despite that, there are some students who want to focus on baseball.

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Springwood baseball head coach David Hudson is in charge of these throwing clinics, which has seen participants of several ages.

“Anyone that goes to Springwood School is invited,” Hudson said. “We had a nine-year-old out here. We have six kids that were on the varsity team last year who are here. We haven’t had tryouts yet. We have a lot of kids on vacation right now.”

Hudson knows that Springwood holds summer workouts for all their athletes to improve, but he held these clinics so players can improve solely on their throwing skills.

“I wanted to do the throwing program just to get these kids’ arms stronger for the upcoming season,” Hudson said. “It’s an opportunity to get some work in and get them ready for what I’m going to expect getting into the season.”

The clinics are extra work for these athletes who already take part in the workouts.

“A lot of these kids have been to the workouts in the morning,” Hudson said. “We try to throw on days we don’t work out.”

All of the workouts and throwing clinics aren’t mandatory, but the athletes show up either way.
“The kids are really good about showing up to workouts,” Hudson said.

Part of the optimism for players to go and work out is the renovations being done to the weight room.

“The kids are responding to the renovations because they’re showing up for the all-sports workouts,” Hudson said. “It’s not just football or baseball, you can come use the weight room.”

The weight room started being renovated last month and will be finished before the fall.

Besides these clinics, some varsity baseball players for Springwood also play travel ball to improve their skills.

Hudson doesn’t have any plans for baseball activities over the summer other than throwing clinics, but he can still do any voluntary activities before the fall.

“I can’t make it mandatory for anybody to show up,” Hudson said. “I can just say ‘Hey, I’m going to be here if you want to come throw.’ We haven’t had any scrimmages because we can only get six or seven guys here because the rest are on vacation.”

As for international players, Hudson doesn’t know of any who will play baseball this year. He’s optimistic more will show up.

“A couple of them came out last year for tryouts,” Hudson said. “Hopefully, we’ll get a few more in who want to come out.”

Springwood won’t be able to do any baseball activities, once the summer is over, until 21 days before the season starts in the spring.