City of West Point annexes over 800 acres of land

Published 10:29 am Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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At the City of West Point’s business meeting on Monday, the city council annexed and rezoned approximately 871 acres of land for the city. This landmark meeting marked the biggest land acquisition that West Point has had since its annexation of the land for the Kia site.

The first annexation and rezoning revolved around 573.86 acres of land located north of GA Highway 18 and west of Lower Lovelace Road. The land, which is owned by the Harrell Family Partnership LLC and is currently just a continuous rural area, was annexed and rezoned to be used for mixed-use development. 

The second annexation included 166 acres of land located north of GA Highway 18 and east of I-85. The land is owned by J&H Homeplace LLC and was also rezoned to be used for mixed-use development. 

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A Mixed-use zoning classification means that the land can be used for urban development that blends multiple uses, such as residential, commercial, institutional or entertainment into one space. The primary purpose of a mixed-use zoning classification is to provide amenities and functions that are to some degree integrated for a community to grow.

The final area of land that was annexed by the city is located on the Kia Parkway and entails approximately 132 acres of land. The land, which is currently owned by the Hartley Bridge Development Company, was rezoned from general industrial to i-1 light industrial. This means that the land will be able to be used for industrial practices and spaces that don’t use capital intensive machinery or production equipment. 

West Point Mayor Steve Tramell noted the significance of such a large acquisition of land for the city.

“Since the Kia site, we have never gained so much land for the City of West Point,” Tramell said. “This is very good news.”

Also discussed at the business meeting was the proposed street art to be painted in downtown West Point. The new art, which will be done by Point University, will feature the university’s logo and will be located on the roads of 4th Avenue and 10th Street. A motion was made to approve the proposal and was passed unanimously by the city council.