Meet Springwood School’s 2022 homecoming queen

Published 8:42 am Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Springwood School crowned Senior Mary Beth Brown the 2022 homecoming queen amid cheers during halftime on Thursday night, continuing the Chambers County homecoming season. 

Springwood’s homecoming court was announced about a month before game night. Brown was excited when she found out she was nominated but more than coveting the crown, she looked forward to having fun with her friends. 

“I didn’t even think about the queen aspect of things,” Brown said. “I was just glad to be nominated. Just being on the court was a great honor, and I was so thankful to be on it with my friends.”

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Springwood’s homecoming court held a parade during halftime. Brown and the other seniors waved to the crowd as they rode around the field. 

Her father, Carter Brown, escorted her while her grandfather drove the car. 

Out on the field with her father and her friends, Brown was stunned when she realized that it was her name that had been called.

“It felt very surreal,” Brown said. “I wasn’t really expecting it. So it was just a really fun experience, and it was very humbling just to know that you have so many people supporting you.”

When the younger students crowded around her, Brown remembered how she had once idolized former homecoming queens. She felt honored to have the opportunity to stand in their shoes.

“It was kind of a full circle moment,” Brown said. “Because when I was younger, I looked up to those girls so much. I thought they were the coolest.”

Being a part of the homecoming court is not Brown’s only accolade. The homecoming queen dedicates a lot of her time to school activities and volunteer opportunities in her community. 

At school, she is president of the senior class and vice president of the Student Government Association. She is also a member of the Leo Club and Springwood Thespian Society. 

After high school, she plans to attend Samford University in Birmingham, where she will study marketing. 

Brown also performs at New Horizon Community Theater. In her spare time, she helps with fundraising for Lifeline Children’s Service. 

The crown means more to Brown than just a title. Beyond all her accomplishments, she tries to remember that it’s important to be kind to others and mindful of their needs.

“I feel like it’s easy to get caught up in the things that you do and the titles you have,” Brown said. “At the end of the day, people aren’t going to remember what you’ve done, but they’re going to remember how you made them feel.”