OUR VIEW: Get that cold weather out of here

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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In the South, it’s fairly rare that we get the kind of cold temperatures that we’ve seen the last four or five days. Sure, it might dip into the teens for a few hours overnight — or early in the morning — but the sun usually comes out and helps us warm up quickly.

But spending over 72 hours below freezing doesn’t happen all that often. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Monday after Christmas were so cold that we’re guessing that many of you stayed inside the majority of the day.

In the spirit of the holiday season (when else could we use this reference?), it was almost like Mrs. Claus forced the Miser brothers to make another deal, allowing those of us down South to get the brunt of the cold. Of course, it wasn’t snowing in Southtown, USA — at least not in our area. Also, anyone that doesn’t get that joke needs a refresher on their Christmas movies.

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We’re sure HVAC companies and plumbers have been extremely busy over the Christmas holiday, dealing with busted pipes and heaters that gave out when it mattered most.

There’s good news ahead though. The worst of the cold weather is over, at least for now.

Once we get to Friday, the low will be in the 50s through at least Tuesday next week.

That’s more like the South we all love and know. We wouldn’t throw the heavy jackets back into the dusty corner of the attic just yet, but the worst is behind us for December.

We’re sure the ‘ole Heat Miser will sprinkle in an 80 degree day here soon, just to remind us where we live on the map. 

We think the majority of folks reading this will be just fine with that.