OUR VIEW: Thanks to local service professionals for working in the cold

Published 12:45 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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It’s not very often that Alabamians are warned to pull out their parkas and ice scrapers. For the majority of the winter, the state sees temperatures in the 40s and 50s, like its neighboring state, Georgia. Last week, Chambers County met with a cold front that brought the coldest temperatures that the county has experienced all season. Many families and their homes were likely caught unprepared.

All week, local HVAC and plumbing companies worked tirelessly to ensure heating to families during the brutally cold Christmas. The cold front that made its way to Chambers County brought with it below-freezing temperatures perfect for busting water pipes and testing heating units. During such a cold Christmas, most people prefer to be warm at home with their families.

However, HVAC and plumbing workers powered through the cold to do their jobs. With the temperatures dropping, there was certainly a high demand for them. Of course, we know it’s their job, but when a professional comes out during an emergency, we tend to forget they have homes and families of their own too. 

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After a week like the last one, it’s a good time to remember how important their jobs are and how dedicated they are to their work. Surely, they would have rather stayed home and enjoyed their own heating on Christmas weekend. 

Yet, they dropped everything to go to work and make sure the families of the community were comfortable for Christmas. 

The warmer weather is returning now, and as our water pipes thaw out, we won’t forget the hard work they put in every day — rain or shine, warm or freezing cold.