Allison Trimble: A financial advisor and event planner balancing two businesses

Published 9:30 am Friday, February 10, 2023

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For the past eight years, the Lanett community has relied on Allison Trimble of AB Services for financial advising and tax preparation. If she hadn’t had the guidance of role models in the community, though, she might have ended up on a very different path.

Trimble is the owner of two local businesses. From day-to-day, she runs AB Services, a financial advising company. Trimble specializes in everything from credit restoration and budget planning to tax preparation. 

“We also do tax planning to help them figure out what best route to take throughout the year to prepare them for when they come in to prepare the tax, so they won’t owe the IRS, but that they can break even if possible,” Trimble said. 

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However, she is also the owner of Priceless Moments, an event planning and design service. The company plans corporate events, baby showers and weddings. 

With a degree in criminal justice and another in elementary education, Trimble’s path has gone in a different direction than expected. Her interest in her businesses emerged organically through her experiences and relationships with others. 

“Growing up, I was around this lady named Janice Harper who did everyone’s taxes,” Trimble said.

Hopper provided tax services to the community for years, and in the process, taught Trimble her trade. She also had guidance from her daughter’s grandmother, Velma Allen. After Harper retired, Trimble decided to fill the void left in her place. 

Priceless Moments was also inspired by a friend from the community. Trimble’s mentor, Gretchen Holloway, was a well-known local wedding designer who encouraged her to begin decorating for weddings. Soon, her side project became a full-fledged business.

“It came from just wanting to do something different than what I had been doing before,” she said. 

With Black History Month underway, Trimble said she doesn’t consider AB Services a black-owned business because her ancestors fought for her to be considered equal to any other business owner. 

“My ancestors fought hard for me for us to be able to stand equal with everyone to be recognized for all the months of the year,” Trimble said. 

However, local businesses help support the local community and marketplace. Trimble said there are ways that local businesses could be better supported.

“It is the people that is asking for our service and respecting our service that keeps us going,” Trimble said. “Whether we are a tax office or a local boutique, it’s respecting the hard work we put into becoming these business owners that will honestly help us want to thrive and continue to stay in the community.”

With the success of the past eight years under her belt, Trimble has begun to expand. Trimble opened Priceless Moment in Valley last May. 

Running two businesses hasn’t come without its challenges. In July, the Priceless Moments office flooded due to problems with a city drainage line. The complications from the damage have caused Trimble a headache even now. Luckily, business generally runs smoothly at AB Services.

Despite all she has going on, it’s not hard for Trimble to balance the two businesses. A lover of numbers and planning, she manages the two businesses. 

On April 1, AB Services will launch the BENRXCH Business Consultant program in Lanett. Trimble will hold the “BENRXCH School of Knowledge,” a class that teaches other businesses how to be successful. 

“We will also offer tax mock auditing where we will go to other tax preparation offices and help them make sure that office is foolproof for the IRS and their files are in compliance,” Trimble said.

Trimble also has a nonprofit organization, Alise Hope LLC, to provide help with groceries and other needs for the elderly in the community.

“[Alise Hope] actually does a lot of outreach programming, helping elderly with groceries and paying electrical bills or any other financial hardship they have,” Trimble said.